African Visual Perspective


In order to understand the present one must understand their history. In understanding their history and present one can then move forward into the future. Never allow others to tell you that your history does not matter. It is what determines your present condition and will determine your future existence.

We understand that some individuals may see the truth as racist. As Africans we cannot be racist. Racism is the ability of one group of people to oppress another group on a social, economic, religious and political level. As Africans we are not in a position of power to do this therefore we cannot be Racist.

One must also realize that the stating of historical and present facts can never be racist. The TRUTH is not to be feared no matter how uneasy it makes one feel. Be ye seekers of the truth and not prisoners of LIE'S.

Our message is one of Truth, substantiated Truth, one that is backed up by FACTUAL EVIDENCE and is based on REALITY not mystification, belief or superstition. We challenge all viewers who have any questions in regards to any of our programs to simply contact us by email at

We hope our programs can help you to discover self and begin to love self. To hate self is to hate the Creator, to dishonor Africa is to dishonor self. Be proud to know that it was your Ancestors who taught the world Mathematics. Astrology, Agriculture, Horticulture, Medicine, All the Sciences, to read, to write, and even the art of the spoken word. It's GREAT to be an African, a member of the Creators first born, created in the image of the Gods.

Every donation to Sirius TV helps to further the mission of resurrecting, liberating and empowering African people to be the people that the Creator designed us to be, AMEN.