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Knowledge is Godly.

Supporting the dissemination of historical FACTS...

What We Do

Sirius TV opening the minds of the viewer. Question all things and the truth shall set you free. Think and ask questions it is what the Creator intended our Minds to do. TO THINK IS NOT A SIN. Thessalonians 5 : 21 / John 8 : 32.


Helping to free the Enslaved Mind


NHWEHWEMU (in-shwey'-shwey moo) is an Akan term which denotes the process of investigation - to hwe, look, mu, within. The root hwe is doubled denoting an intensive investigation leading to nokware - truth. The mission of Sirius TV is to disseminate the Truth by all means available that will promote and aid in the resurrection, liberation and empowerment of African people.

This is achieved through the reeducation of our people using Right Knowledge. We must first know the truth about our ancient spiritual and cultural heritage. We must practice MAAT and live according to Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Universal Order. Begin to love self so that we may love each other once again. Through the understanding of our Truhistory we will gain a rooted understanding of our Great African past. We aim to give a better understanding of the current political, socioeconomic systems and how they impact our lives today.

Everyone has the right to present their historical perspective even the African, never be afraid of telling your story...

Question's about our program or for general information,

Great Thinkers
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    THE FOUNDER OF DYNASTIC KEMET (3200 B.C.) - Narmer or Aha was called Menes by the Greeks. The founder of Dynastic Kemet. more

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    KEMET circa 3200 BCE - is credited as the first queen of Kemet (ancient Egypt), cofounder of the First Dynasty, and the earliest African queen whose name is known. more

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    (2650–2600 BC) - Royal advisor to King Zoser of the 3rd Dynasty. World's first recorded multi-genius, Imhotep was an architect, astronomer, more

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    Rameses 2nd

    THE GREAT - Ramses II (the Great) was one of the most prolific builders of ancient Egypt. He is often regarded as the greatest, more

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    RULER OF CARTHAGE (247-183 B.C.) - Hannibal is well known as the greatest general and military strategist who ever lived. more

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    Dahia-Al Kahina

    QUEEN KAHINA (640-704) - She fought against the Arab incursion in North Africa where under her leadership Africans fought back fiercely and drove the Arab more

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    Shaka Zulu

    KING OF THE ZULUS (1818-1828) - A strong leader and military innovator, Shaka is noted for revolutionizing 19th century Bantu warfare by first grouping regiments more

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    Mansa Kankan Mussa

    KING OF MALI (1306-1332) - A scholar, a great economists and a true man of the arts, Mansa Mussa is well known for the impact he created with his flamboyant more

How can you help?

Great Speakers/Orator

Do you consider yourself to be a great speaker. We require individuals to speak to the people in the streets and inform our people about their Truhistory directly. This will entail setting up in large traffic areas with a microphone, handing out flyers, answering questions, informing the public about our group.

Flyer Distributor

Flyer distribution is another way of getting the information out to the public. This entails handing out flyers in the community and surrounding areas. Answering questions will also be required.


Go into the public to engage the public on our Truhistory, question and quiz the public. This information will then be presented on our station. Will also be involved in prize give away's to the public.

Helping Elderly and Needy

Organize food drives, assist the elderly and needy. Visit local old age homes and provide assistance to the elderly, take them for short walks, provide companionship, purchase food stuff etc. Provide cooked food for the needy mainly those living on the streets.


Help Fund our Group

You are helping to support the re-education of Africans out from the current oppressive school system that exist today. Only by first knowing self can we as a people begin to rise up to the state in which God intended us to be.

Thank you for choosing to donate today. Remember, all donations, large or small will make a difference. We appreciate your support at whatever level is possible for you.

For non-credit card donations please contact us for further details.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our youth mentoring program. We are always seeking individuals who are willing to become a big brother or big sister and mentor youth throughout the community. A mentor is 'a trusted counselor or guide', mentorship is a satisfy and rewarding thing for both the mentor and the youth. Our youth need us more than ever to provide them with proper guidance to offset the images they see within society. Become a Mentor today, let us together help the youth.

-1 Month Mentorship-

$10 / month

  • This program is geared toward individuals looking to tryout our program and see if mentorship is right for them. This entails providing guidance for 1 to 2 hrs per day for at least 1 days out of a full 7 day week.

-3 Month Mentorship-

$10 / month

  • Program is geared toward more serious individuals looking to guide and inspire youth in the right direction. This entails providing guidance for 3 hrs per day for at least 2 days out of a full 7 day week.

-6 Month Mentorship-

$10 / month

  • Our all in program are for really serious individuals looking to guide, nurture and inspire youth in the right direction. This entails providing guidance for 3 hrs per day for at least 3 days out of a full 7 day week.

  • Shares knowledge and life experiences
  • Provides guidance and advice
  • Shows interest in mentee
  • Inspires
  • Offers encouragement
  • Listens
  • Is open and honest
  • Explores different careers
  • Discusses goal setting
  • Advises on professional development
  • Identifies resources
  • Helps to develop leadership skills
  • Provides insight into business culture
  • Coaches
  • Advises on networking
  • Reviews resume
  • Can provide exposure within an organization
  • Provides interview tips
  • Supports
  • May introduce to contacts

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."
-Oprah Winfrey

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Please allow at least 24 to 48 hours to receive a response to your comments. If you have questions with which you need immediate assistance, please contact us at the telephone number listed below.


Halfmoon P.O. Box
Rosehall, Jamaica


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